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Ownlife Records & Company

SleeperHorse - Indulge LP

TBA · Ownlife Records · OWN-008

Indulge by SleeperHorse finally released as vinyl LP

The Bubble Boys - Burst CD/LP(?)

TBA · Ownlife Records · OWN-007

First full length album by The Bubble Boys since 1996's Bitter is Better.

The Havok on Polaris - Horror & Hope CD

November 2014 · Ownlife Records · OWN-006

The tragically unreleased EP from The Havok on Polaris finally gets some artwork and an official release. The universe is now realigned and surely all trivial violence and warfare will cease... right... now... okay maybe not, but you should still give your ear holes an injection of Horror & Hope.

The Havok on Polaris - Fan Dance Party CD

October 2014 · Ownlife Records · OWN-005

Eerily catchy pop-punk from the demos and back catalog of The Havok on Polaris. Take a foot tappin' trip into Havok's past with 24 rerecorded tracks that might remind you of MxPx, Masked Intruder, Lagwagon, and even 1950's rock and roll.

Tin Horn Prayer - Get Busy Dying LP

August 2010 · Ownlife Records · OWN-004

Old time folk mixed with boozy rock and roll. Six members deep with a sound as raw as a chainsaw cutting through a pile of beer bottles... in a good way.

20trenched - Hagakure CD

July 2011 · Ownlife Records · OWN-003

Gritty but catchy midwest punk rock, counting Jawbreaker, Alkaline Trio, and The Lawrence Arms as influences.

SleeperHorse & Echoes of Harper's Ferry - Split 7" EP

August 2008 · Ownlife Records · OWN-002

SleeperHorse plays melodic punk rock to which you can dance or get shattered (preferably both), while Echoes of Harper's Ferry has a more gruff and urgent sociopolitical feel to their sound.

V/A - We Must All Hang Together... CD

October 2006 · Ownlife Records · OWN-001

I put this together and released it when I was just getting out of high school (instead of homework) and I had no idea what I was doing. In fact, I used money I received at graduation to fund the thing. Sorry to all who involuntarily donated. Anyhow, I'm still mostly pleased with this compilation. It expresses what I love about music, friends and strangers alike getting together to make a collective expression of art. Many of these bands do not exist anymore making this yet another historical record of a time and place(s). I was also stoked about the artwork and layout put together by a partner in crime from school, Marshall Rake. Only $3, ya gotta be kidding me.

The Havok on Polaris - Slowly Progressing CD

May 2005 · Self-released / Ownlife Records · OWN-000

Not technically an Ownlife release, but we love this little album and we helped remaster it for digital distribution.