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V/A - We Must All Hang Together... CD OWN-001

I put this together and released it when I was just getting out of high school (instead of homework) and I had no idea what I was doing. In fact, I used money I received at graduation to fund the thing. Sorry to all who involuntarily donated. Anyhow, I'm still mostly pleased with this compilation. It expresses what I love about music, friends and strangers alike getting together to make a collective expression of art. Many of these bands do not exist anymore making this yet another historical record of a time and place(s). I was also stoked about the artwork and layout put together by a partner in crime from school, Marshall Rake. Only $3, ya gotta be kidding me.

1 Bubble Boys -10th And Mass
2 Bent Left -Pirates Of Liberty
3 12-ton -Growing Up Just To Get Old
4 Willmotts -Pink Rabbit
5 Pro Victis -Welcome To My Reality
6 Agent 5-9 -Cobwebs (remix)
7 A+ Attitude -World Cup
8 Third Grade Scuffle -Despite Your Shirt, He's Still The President
9 Ktp -Kansas City
10 Humanifesto -Make It Stop
11 One Jack Short -Unreleased
12 Stackers -Yeah Yeah Yeah
13 Afterhours -Amanda Ray
14 Akanes -Useless
15 Stereo Types -In Flames
16 Havok On Polaris -You (kill Us)
17 Basicks -My Baby
18 Don't Die -In The Name Of Yesterday
19 Running Potatoes -Brainless
20 Rivals -Gloria
21 Bright Young Hopefuls -The Fix
22 Always Rushing By -Pa
23 20trenched -All For Granted

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