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Bands come and go, but the music remains. Consider these albums as historical records of particular places, times, and attitudes.

Ownlife Records is a very small music company and distro based out of Lawrence, KS in the middle of North America on this planet Earth during the early 21st century C.E. Beyond releasing and distributing music and art Ownlife Records plans to try a hand at research and development within the context of music and the culture(s) with which it interacts.

Ownlife Records contributes monthly to carbon offset, renewable energy, and water restoration projects via certification programs. Additionally, a tree will be planted for each CD/LP sold.


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Interpunk- Order our stuff along with items from thousands of other bands and labels
CD Baby - Best deals on our digital catalog outside of this website

Ownlife Records' digital catalog is also available though iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, GreatIndieMusic, Tradebit, and 7digital, among others.

Mail Order

If you prefer good ol' fashioned mail order, use the contact page to send me an email with what you want (goes straight to my phone) and I will get you a total and mailing address ASAP.

Shipping & Handling

Format: Initial charge / per additional item

CD: $2.00-$3.00 / $0.50 (depends on packaging)
12" vinyl: $3.00 / $1.00
7" vinyl: $3.00 / $0.50

Basically, you save on shipping by ordering even just one additional item


Stores and distros: contact me if you want to carry our releases in your store and would like wholesale rates