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The Havok on Polaris - Horror & Hope OWN-006

A few words:
The tragically unreleased EP from The Havok on Polaris finally gets some artwork and an official release. The universe is now realigned and surely all trivial violence and warfare will cease... right... now... okay maybe not, but you should still give your ear holes an injection of Horror & Hope.

More words:
Recorded in 2007 and originally slated to be one side of a split LP, this is technically the newest material from The Havok on Polaris. The tunes on this EP display more vocal and musical interplay, and in my opinion, more dynamics and contrast within the songs themselves. Maybe that is just my way of saying that these songs are more epic than some of their previous material. 'Horror & Hope' might be my favorite collection of recordings by the band likely because they are the sonic narrative to my memories of skateboarding, playing music, house shows, 21st birthdays, and at least one Bomberman tournament.

Artwork and layout by Lawrence expat, Jon Hunter.
Recorded in a garage on the countryside south of Lawrence, KS by Luke Carlson


  1. Matter of Fact
  2. Horror and Hope
  3. Bad Luck
  4. Control
  5. Forget It
  6. Something Wrong