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The Havok on Polaris - Fan Dance Party CD OWN-005

In a few words:
Eerily catchy pop-punk from the demos and back catalog of The Havok on Polaris. Take a foot tappin' trip into Havok's past with 24 rerecorded tracks that might remind you of MxPx, Masked Intruder, Lagwagon, and even 1950's rock and roll.

More words:
Oh nothing, just a couple dozen previously unreleased tracks by The Havok on Polaris. The band, perhaps on a mission from God, reunited to record this anthology of their back catalog in fresh new form with engineering guru, Luke Carlson, at the helm. Much like WWII in HD, witness the musical tome that is the birth and history of The Havok on Polaris as if it came into being just recently, because why the hell not? The phoenix has risen from the ashes, and it's slam dancing at a packed house party in a small Midwestern town.

Digital download comes with all artwork and lyrics in full size PDF's. Make your own CD case if you like.

Digital available 10/10/2014
CD now available
CD/digital option provides an immediate download if you can't wait for the CD


  1. My Radio Sucks
  2. Poser Snot
  3. Title One Reading
  4. Imaginary Girl
  5. It Happened Again
  6. Fading
  7. Time Flies
  8. Awake
  9. Kelsey
  10. She Was A Man
  11. This Time
  12. Anarchy
  13. She's The Best
  14. No One's Fault
  15. Perfect 10
  16. Confused
  17. Shit Hit The Fan
  18. It's Over Now
  19. Run
  20. Stupid Girls
  21. Not A Part
  22. Loser
  23. Friday
  24. Saddest Song