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SleeperHorse & Echoes of Harper's Ferry - Split 7" EP OWN-003

In a few words:
SleeperHorse plays melodic punk rock to which you can dance or get shattered (preferably both), while Echoes of Harper's Ferry has a more gruff and urgent sociopolitical feel to their sound.

More words:
SleeperHorse hail from Denver, CO and features ex members of The Blackout Pact and Signal to Noise. They play a melodic style of punk to which you can dance or get shattered; both combined is best. You can definitely hear The Blackout Pact in elements of the music, but it's more low key and features dueling vocals through out. Echoes of Harper's Ferry maintain a more urgent and gruff approach to punk rock. This Cleveland based quartet juxtapose socio-political opinion with personal stories and feelings, sometimes in under two minutes. Think old Small Brown Bike mixed with speed and lyrical vibes closer to that of the Broadways or Propagandhi.

"SleeperHorse is way less rambunctious than the Blackout Pact; I mean, it's basically punk rock, but SleeperHorse are somewhat jangly and much more restrained. It vaguely resembles Fugazi (aside from the earnest singing in "For Your Health"), in part because of the vocal interplay and in part because "Business Is a Gamble" has an oddly danceable strut about it (à la Q and Not U, maybe? Eh, probably a stretch.). It's sort of weird stuff and way harder to pin down [than] TBP [The Blackout Pact]" - Punknews

"They [Echoes of Harper's Ferry] played extremely catchy melodic punk while managing to retain the politics, darkness, and aggression that drew me to punk in the first place." - TheOnlyNormalPeople

SleeperHorse and Echoes of Harper's Ferry both have full length albums available. Look them up.

* The Thin Lizzy cover is only available digitally through this store and with the 7" / download card

Pressing Information

Black /500


  1. For Your Health
  2. Business is a Gamble
  3. Jailbreak (Thin Lizzy)
  4. Chile, 9.11.1973
  5. Delmar