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Ownlife Records & Company

Get Your Sustainability On

From this point forward, Ownlife Records will be making monthly contributions towards carbon offset, renewable energy, and water restoration projects via certificate programs. See: and over at the "resources" page. In addition, a tree will be planted for each CD/LP sold*. This will primarily be handled by John Denver's own Plant-It 2020. I do a lot of research to ensure that the organizations with whom I work meet certain ethical and sustainable standards. As with everything, however, this is a learning process. Ownlife Records will be 100% transparent (politicians: take note) in what/who it is supporting monetarily. For now, rest easy and pat yourself on the back knowing that your money through purchases is planting trees and offsetting carbon emissions.

*Probably more like planting 10 trees for every 10 CDs/LPs sold so that I'm not spending $1 at a time

Tobin - Clearly the worst CFO ever as far as ensuring profitability goes

Posted on December 17th, 2015