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Dear Earth

'Fan Dance Party' and 'Horror & Hope' by The Havok on Polaris should now be available through any number of digital retailers and streaming services. While you can get them both right here or at Bandcamp along with all of the artwork, the board members decided that the consumers should be able to "pick their poison." So if you prefer iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, or even your Xbox, those options are now available among others. The sheer number of choices is triggering my anxiety. Slowly but surely, all of the artwork and lyrical/written content are being posted for our entire catalog. As with the endless process that is this "well thought out and organized business venture" (read: hobby) the formatting is a work in progress. So take a look around and check out some art and or lyrics along with some tunes. Keep an eye on the distro section for incoming updates. Also drop us a telegram or send a raven if there are any particular CD's or records you want us to carry and I will send a formal request to one the mysterious and omniscient orders of the sonic overlords (AKA: music distributors). 

Party on and be excellent to each other.

Tobin - CEO/Janitor/Shipping Golem

Posted on November 23rd, 2014