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Evolving architecture of Ownlife

Changes to the website have been constant, if subtle. Full album streams are now available for most Ownlife Records releases in the store. I'm still trying to decide if this will be permanent. While I do partake in digital music, I always liked to maintain a sense of mystery in the releases along with the excitement and anticipation that comes with mail order. For this reason, I usually do not post full streams. But for now, listen, enjoy, and share. Pre-orders for Fan Dance Party by The Havok on Polaris have been posted. Additionally, expect an EP of theirs to finally see the light of day after years of hibernation and ripening. Plenty of distro items are still waiting to be added to the store as well and likely some artwork or other non-music items. Finally, I'm dabbling with the idea of an Ownlife Records & Company trading card set with cards for bands and individual band members. How intricate these will be and whether one will be able to play an actual game with them is still up in the air. Beyond that, I am hoping the R&D wing of Ownlife Records will have something to show for itself soonish. I'm currently a bit stuck learning about brains and dead languages. I'll try not to let that hang me up for long.

Veni vidi vino

Tobin Ownlife

Posted on September 29th, 2014